By Any Means

By Any Means is the rhetoric and composition journal of social justice and technology. The mission of the journal is to foster the utilization of technology, mundane and cutting-edge, towards the collective good of individuals and coalitions advocating for progressive change. By Any Means is an attempt to combine the theories of rhetoric and political commitments of composition with action in the public sphere—be it direct action, protest, or everyday negotiation of the world outside the classroom where practices of critical literacy and persuasive communication in all modes and forms matter the most.

By any Means is a site not only for the publication of research on, with, and by people dedicated to social justice but it is also a space where scholars can join with community activists across geographical locations and disciplinary boundaries to share tactics and/or build coalitions.

The editors of By any Means recognize that much of the progressive work that has material effects on people's lives happens at the local level, and these local actions can be refined, retooled, and re-enacted by fostering connections with others doing similar work across the globe. In an increasingly networked world, the questions By any Means poses are:

  • What technologies (technologies broadly defined, from wheat paste to new media interfaces) are best suited for social change?
  • How are people working towards social change using the above mentioned technologies to find fellow travelers, enact moment of civil disobedience, or—when necessary—forming collectives to achieve specific goals? What does social change look like when it exploits the ever-expanding material infrastructures and communication networks of the 21st century? Is it centrally organized? Is it an ad hoc assembly? Does it look like traditional protest? Why or why not? How effective is it? Can it be duplicated and used elsewhere?
  • How are people working within their immediate locales to make affect local change? What tactics are they using? What literacies? What technologies? How are they putting boots on the ground? How are they leveraging the resources within their personal/professional/workplace ecologies?