Steve Parks, Executive Director

Steve Parks, Executive Director

Steve Parks is the Founder and Executive Director of New City Community Press as well as an Associate Professor of Writing at Syracuse University. He has published two books, Class Politics: The Students' Right To Their Own Language (NCTE, 2000) and Gravyland: Writing Beyond the Curriculum in the City of Brotherly Love (Syracuse University Press, 2010).

His motivation for New City Press, however, emerged from his work with the Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers (FWWCP), a network of working class writing/publishing groups in the United Kingdom. Over the course of 30 years, the FWWCP worked with hundreds of community writing groups and helped to distribute over three million community publications. In the process, the FWWCP helped to redefine what voices and stories should be considered valuable in a community or a classroom.

For the past 10 years, Parks has been working to recreate this network of writing groups and publication projects in Philadelphia, and, now Syracuse, with the belief that "everyone is an author, but not everyone has the position of an author." New City Community Press is his attempt to open up writing to everyday voices and, by doing so, empower these individual and collectives in their efforts to improve the future of their neighborhoods.

Jessica Pauszek, Managing Editor

Jessica Pauszek, Managing Editor

Jess Pauszek is a PhD student in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric at Syracuse University. Her research examines the literacy practices of working-class community writing groups. For the past 3 years, Pauszek has been part of an international alliance of scholars, archivists, and community members to support the preservation of such writing and community voices through interviews and archival curation. Growing up in a working-class family in Western New York, Pauszek is committed to writing and histories that explore connections between literacy and labor through everyday voices.



Rafaela Evans, Assistant Editor, Digital Programming

Rafy is an undergraduate student in Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition at Syracuse University. Her work regarding digital media and popular culture has been published in Teen Vogue and She Did What She Wanted, an online magazine where she is an associate editor.

Growing up in Orlando, Florida as the daughter of a Peruvian immigrant, she is dedicated to the intersection between culture, identity, and social media. Her involvement in the New City Community Press is her attempt at putting her millennial status to good use rather than just tweeting from her multiple Twitter accounts.


Zachary Barlow, Executive Editor

Zach is an undergraduate student in Writing and Rhetorical Analysis at Syracuse University. Zach’s writing and photography have been published in numerous online and print publications throughout his career including The Daily Orange, and Intertext Magazine. Previously, Zach has worked as the Assistant Photo Editor of The Daily Orange and Editor of Intertext Magazine. Zach currently also works as editor for Computers and Composition Digital Press, and serves as president of the Writing and Rhetoric Student Organization. Born to an uneducated Haitian father and European mother Zach believes in the importance of giving a voice to those who might ordinarily face silence. His work with New City Community Press is largely fueled by that belief and the idea that as an author with his own spotlight, it’s only right to also work to give that light back.

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