Chinatown Live(s)

Oral Histories from Philadelphia's Chinatown

Cover for Chinatown Live(s)

Edited by Lena Sze

Photographs by Rodney Atienza

Trade Paper, Perfect Bound, With Photographs | 79 pp. | $30.00 | ISBN 0-9712996-7-6 | December 2004


Chinatown Live(s): Oral Histories from Philadelphia's Chinatown shares varied and complex snapshots of Philadelphia's Chinatown. Consisting of 22 interviews with a diverse array of Chinatown residents and framed by three essays situating the interviews in a social/political context, Chinatown Live(s) focuses on residents' definition of their own community and neighborhood, in terms of people, events and institutions. As it preserves/documents the community's history from its own perspective, it also encourages other communities to view Chinatown as a neighborhood, not merely a collection of shops and restaurants.