Great Escapes from Slavery on the Underground Railroad

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by Lorene Cary

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Trade Paper | $15.00 | ISBN 0-88378-268-5 | February 2006

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A partnership between Third World Press and Philadelphia's New City Community Press, Free! is a collection of non-fiction stories of America's Underground Railroad as compelling as the history they chronicle. Cary breathes life into the accounts of slave escapes documented by William Still, co-chair of the Vigilance Committee of the Pennsylvania Committee for the Abolition of Slavery. Still himself is the son of an escaped slave, and the heartbreaking story of his mother's daring escape is among the stories included. In addition, Free! offers readers a chance to live vicariously through the lives of the interesting characters in the twelve additional stories as they run with breathless courage, through darkness, freezing cold, desperate hunger and bone-weary fatigue, risking their lives at a chance to be their own masters. For more information, see (Discount for Educational Purposes)