About NCCP

New City Community Press began as a literacy project in the public schools of Philadelphia.

The original goal of New City Community Press was to support urban school children in their efforts to use writing to give power to their lives. As the students' work began to be published and circulated, New City was approached by neighborhood organizations, community groups, and unorganized groups of concerned citizens, who also wanted to use writing to share their stories with the larger city. Working with these residents through writing, art, and photography classes, New City began to publish work focused on immigrant communities, such as Espejos y Ventanas and Chinatown Lives, laboring communities, Working, and disabled communities, No Restraints. Throughout, New City maintained its commitment to public school students by writing curriculum which would allow the voices of New City Community Press to become part of their daily curriculum— placing the voices of their community elders into the midst of their education.

Today, New City Community Press sponsors writing groups, after-school programs, and author assistance programs designed to support community writers and community organizations in their efforts to express a true vision of the streets on which they live. New City Community Press publications have gained a national and international audience, finding readers across the globe.